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“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

-Coco Chanel

I love beautiful, simple, and natural. After all, that is how we are born right? So, why not enhance your beautiful face with the same simple method? Thats why I love at home facials wtih all natural ingredients; but then again you are talking to the girl who’s grandfather only sees homeopathic doctors and swears his life (literally) on vitamins and apple cider vinegar. Yes, some may make you the subject of ridicule in front of friends & family just as my dear friend Molly so lovingly refers to these types of things as “my experiments” (even in her matron of honor toast at my wedding), but its a cruel world sometimes.

Here is a compiled list of recipes from some of my favorite at home beauty remedies. I prefer the ones that don’t include random ingredients that require you to do nothing short of trekking through the amazon rainforest to pluck the twig of an endangered infant plant to smear on your face. So, you should have no trouble whipping these up with a few key things stashed away in the kitchen, or a quick trip to your local Whole Foods.

1 | Number one, always cleanse your face thoroughly removing all makeup & oils.

2 | Second, exfoliate. I can’t express how important this step is! No mask will show results without properly exfoliate to reach the fresh healthy skin underneath.

Designed just for you– Save & print.

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