DIY: His & Hers Passport Covers


his and hers passport covers and books

Just in case you may or may not have been losing sleep over what exactly I concocted in my crash course sewing lesson this past Sunday, wait no longer. Im happy to unveil these awesome passport covers!

You may be thinking to yourself, why (out of all of the things in this world to sew) would I choose to make passport covers, and that answer is simple: Passports are not only ugly enough to need covering, but they are small to work with (good for lack of talent and patience) and essentially they only require you to sew in straight lines (also good for lack of talent and patience).

Some may argue that I was more successful at taking cute pictures of the sewing process than I actually was at the process itself, but I prefer to think of it as being “alternatively involved”..

The interior fabrics are actually pieces of the table linen overlays from our wedding ;] I thought it was a fun way to be able to re-use a keepsake

his and hers passport covers

Once all of the sewing was said and done (and once I was home and got a second wind) I penciled on the silhouettes and then hand-painted them. Also, it should be noted that I let Seth pick his own color; neon orange would not have been my first choice ;]

I’d like to pretend that I know enough lingo to write up a DIY for you after just one lesson, but that would make me a liar. So, if you’d like to make your own, you can follow similar steps & patterns that I scouted out for you here —- Thanks Leslie for being the how-to guru of this project!

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