DIY // Barnwood Headboard


I am head over heels in love with this headboard! Doesn’t this make you want to see how amazing the rest of their house must be? It also deepens my longing desire for a garage (so that I actually have the capability of pulling off these DIY’s)… not mention that I need to start scouting out for old wood..

photos by 508
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7 thoughts on “DIY // Barnwood Headboard

  1. Sarah

    Hello! Thanks for posting my headboard! I really like the design of your site- very clean. Is it a template? I am thinking of switching mine up to a template- the one I designed isn’t very flexible and I don’t know enough code to change too much on my own. Anyway, thanks again. Best, sarah

    1. Sugar & Cloth Post author

      sarah- no, thank YOU! i love what you’ve done. also, I just shot you an email about the design! Code isn’t my forte really either, but I’ve gotten somewhat familiar with the WordPress aspect of it.

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