Recipe: Peppermint Chocolate Sugar Scrub


peppermint chocolate sugar scrub recipe and label

Remember the peppermint milkshake recipe that I concocted before it was even November? Well, I’m still going strong on my peppermint kick, but this time it’s not for eating (although it smells go good you may be tempted). I fashioned this combo into an exfolitating body scrub made out of things we already had in the kitchen, and not to toot my own horn, but it’s amazing. I feel like I can say that because usually 7 out of my 10 tries is not awesome. (This try just so happened to end with an exfoliant that looks and smells like peppermint brownie batter.)

peppermint chocolate sugar scrub recipe label

I designed these recipe and jar labels for you to download free for personal use! Who doesn’t love free?

 View and Save Jar Label

 View and Save Recipe Label

Oh, and a little secret for keeping cute labels intact, paint over them with Mod Podge before you use them!


The downloadable items are only for personal use, and may not be redistributed without permission and proper crediting.

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8 thoughts on “Recipe: Peppermint Chocolate Sugar Scrub

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