DIY: Color Block Wooden Shelves


DIY wooden color block shelves ikea prant

ikea prant box color shelves

DIY ikea prant box shelves color

It’s no secret that I’m in love with color, so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement about this DIY color block shelf made from Ikea Prant Boxes, office clamps, and good ole’ fashion paint. They’re so pretty that I can’t think of anywhere in our apartment they wouldn’t look good. What’s the icing on the cake you ask? The fact that it costs less than $100 to make! Oh, yes.

To make your own:

Pick your box  → Paint your color  → Stack  → Clamp

(you can thank me later)

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15 thoughts on “DIY: Color Block Wooden Shelves

  1. en-emy

    maybe this design can be applied with cardboard boxes.
    i have so many cardboard boxes and almost wanna throw them into trash bin.
    thank you for the inspiration, Ash!

    keep rocking!



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    1. Christine

      Alisa, when I go to your blog, I get an By Invitation Only message. Why would you post an url publicly if you don’t want us to visit???

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