DIY // Dipped & Polka Dotted Flats


DIY dipped toe and polka dotted flats shoes

I’ve been in love with these flats for a while now, but they don’t have them in my size (I wear a 5 1/2, don’t judge me). So, in order to get a similar look that fit my hobbit sized feet, I got a little creative. Alas, I ended up with these fancy polka dotted & dipped flats! (& by fancy, I’m actually referring to a lot of painters tape and spray paint)–

1 | Choice of Flats/Shoes

2 | Ruler & Chalk

3 | Painters Tape

4 | Adhesive foam circles

5 | Gloss Spray Paint

6 | Kraft Paper/Paper bag

DIY dipped flats polka dots

1 | Measure & chalk an even line across the toe of your shoes.

2 | Tape across the line and along the bottom edge of the sole of the shoes.

3 | Use kraft paper to enclose your shoes so that excess spray paint doesn’t get on/in them, and then secure with tape.

4 | Place the foam dots along the toes in a pattern of your choice.

5 | Spray paint several thin coats over the toeIt’s important that the coats be thin otherwise the foam dots will absorb the paint and your polka dots won’t have clean lines when you peel them off (I learned this the hard way). Then let dry completely.

6 | Slowly peel away the painters tape and foam dots, and touch up any areas with a sharpie in the same color as your shoes (my not so top secret tip of the day).

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28 thoughts on “DIY // Dipped & Polka Dotted Flats

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  7. Lethbridge Boudoir Photography

    I love this idea! Such a cute way to match your shoes to your outfits, especially for boudoir outfits! Thanks for this awesome and easily understandable tutorial! I am trying this tomorrow since we’ve got a stupid snow storm up in Canada and not much to do until the weather clears up, go figure :P



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