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color code your calendar with fingernail polish

I was looking around for planner/calendar ideas when I found this post for Decor8 that used fingernail polish as calendar coding, how genius?! Not only do they get 5 gold stars for being awesome enough to come up with that idea, but all of their photos are too pretty to pick just one, which means I’m hooked. Do any of you have clever agenda ideas? I’m trying to find an inspirational (and less overwhelming) way of staying on top of my to-do lists. I have DIY projects swimming in my head one minute, and then the next day I can’t think of a single one! Sigh..

photos by Leslie via Decor8
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3 thoughts on “Fingernail Polish Calendar Coding

  1. Nikitaland

    The way I “color code” my day planner is with those little colored sticky notes. In the front cover of my calendar I decide first what color I want for certain events like birthdays are pink sticky notes, bill due dates are green sticky notes, etc. So, when I flip through my calendar and I see a pink sticky, I know it is a birthday. Also, I use the little post-it thin strips to remind me to “do” something: ie: If I have to send out a birthday card, I put the thin post-it note “one week” before the actual birthday to remind me to mail it. This color coding system has worked for me for years! (my one friend told me that my thin posties are called “procrastinion stickies” because you can always move the sticky to another day if you could not get to your to do task.)


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