DIY // Washi Tape Utensils


diy washi tape utensils

DIY washi tape utensils

I bet I can guess what you’re thinking right now. You’re sitting at work wondering how to add a little color to the disposable utensils you’re going to have at your summer soiree this year, aren’t you? I thought so. In that case, just add a little washi tape! I will warn you, you may not want to get them dirty when they look this cute, though.

All you have to do is cut a few geometric shapes from different colored washi tape, and stick! The only thing easier than that is making cereal (or a bowl of ice cream). Oh, and most importantly, you have the very talented Griottes to thank for this too-pretty-to-use tutorial.

photos via Griottes
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5 thoughts on “DIY // Washi Tape Utensils

  1. Nikitaland

    Is washi tape really sticky? I have seen people use washi tape on photographs, but I never saw it on utensils before! Cool post! Do you think you could use washi tape on a clear votive candle holder and cutout a stencil so the light from the candle will shine through?

  2. viveka

    For me this don’t make any sense … but I suppose if we want to put an afford into the BBQ this summer. Because from where I sit the cutlery look like plastic ???!!! Very pretty – but nothing for inpatient person like me *smile


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