Design // Honeycomb Print Shop (and a little secret)


honeycomb print shop dont put off being creative

honeycomb print shop etsy i'd write the alphabet for you

I found these prints by the Honeycomb Print Shop while aimlessly thumbing through Etsy. It’s amazing how many talented and creative people there are, isn’t it? I hope you’re an Etsy fan because you will be able to shop Sugar & Cloth before you know it! The Sugar & Cloth Etsy is aiming to open this summer! Who’s dancing for joy? I am!

prints by the Honeycomb Print Shop

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7 thoughts on “Design // Honeycomb Print Shop (and a little secret)

    1. Ashley Post author

      That’s awesome, Shelly! How is it going? Could you send me a link to it? I was having trouble finding it for some reason..

  1. jewel7013

    So you have a blog, and recently built your own website and, now opening an Etsy store…

    Congragulations on all your achievements and hard work. Anxious to see what you showcase!


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