DIY // Cross-stitching Never Looked So Cool


jessica decker modern cross stitch wall art

Call me crazy but I’m about to say out loud that cross stitching is now cool, or well, J.D. at least makes it look that way. Wouldn’t you love to have one of these pieces? I need to start collecting my pennies for her Make It Rain cross-stitch. You can find all of her handmade work here, but be warned that you may be overcome with crafting jealousy.

modern cross stitch wall art

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9 thoughts on “DIY // Cross-stitching Never Looked So Cool

  1. Sarah Adie

    I love cross stitch, only just got into it though. I think it’s great how people are moving in a totally new direction with it, although I have to admit I do really like the traditional stuff too. The one I did was a big floral design, which I’m going to turn into a cushion. You might like to check out some of Sarah Greaves’ work. She’s a Manchester artist who does embroidery graffiti – pretty cool! :)

  2. Lu

    Cross stitch is cool? No way! My mum tried to force me into this as a kid and I hated it!! I have to stop this trend before my mum starts the ‘I told you so dance’!!

  3. s s

    really great idea! super sized graphic style my mind just started whirling with ideas on how to go with this in combo with some of those other pinterest dy art ideas.


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