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how to make a tasseled and layered bow gift

I’m back! Well most of me is, the other part of me got a little lost with the massive quantities of coffee and not so massive quantities of sleep over the weekend. I should be full circle by this afternoon, I’d say.

In between doses of caffeine I got to put together a gift for my sweet friend Erin’s bridal shower (let me just say out loud how much I love weddings!), and I thought I’d show you how I created a rather overstated gift wrap inspired by these balloons.

how to make a layered bow for a gift wrap

To make them, I wrapped a strand of ribbon around the box (as you would with a typical gift) and tied tassels to it. Then tied a handmade bow on top with the excess ribbon. Fast fact: I actually learned how to make handmade bows from working at a camera store where they thought I was better off managing the gift wrap than actually selling cameras. True story.

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9 thoughts on “DIY // Tasseled Gifts

  1. viveka

    Hi there, VERY very pretty … I do just the same way too .. but arrange with flower along the sides on the ribbons too. My wrapping cost sometimes more then the presents, but my friends love to get them.

    1. Ashley Post author

      Hi viveka! Glad to hear from a regular reader after so much blog renovating :) Also, I totally agree with you, the presentation is everything!

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  3. Kate

    Alright, my entire bookmarks bar that is visible is now full of your DIY’s I want to attempt! Loving it! :) thanks Ashley! :) x

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