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Design // Honeycomb Print Shop (and a little secret)

April 24, 2012

honeycomb print shop dont put off being creative

honeycomb print shop etsy i'd write the alphabet for you

I found these prints by the Honeycomb Print Shop while aimlessly thumbing through Etsy. It’s amazing how many talented and creative people there are, isn’t it? I hope you’re an Etsy fan because you will be able to shop Sugar & Cloth before you know it! The Sugar & Cloth Etsy is aiming to open this summer! Who’s dancing for joy? I am!

prints by the Honeycomb Print Shop

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DIY // Coffee Koozy

April 20, 2012

DIY homemade coffee koozy

Whenever you go on road trips and there’s the one car that’s going the same place as you, do you ever feel like you sort of drove with them? Well, when I started Sugar & Cloth a few months ago, Esther of Wholly Kao was one of those people for me, but in the blogging world. Her blog was one of the first I read regularly, and it’s neat to see how each blossoms, not to mention she is exceptionally crafty, like this homemade coffee koozy.

DIY homemade coffee koozy


photos by Wholly Kao