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DIY wedding guest lib printable

Have you ever been to a wedding where you had to twiddle your thumbs for what seemed like years before the reception really got started? Well, this DIY wedding guest lib that I designed for my second guest post for Love Wed Bliss will be sure to keep your guests laughing while you sneak away for a few amazing pictures of you and your love. I had originally designed a guest lib for our wedding, and let me just say that they are absolutely hilarious to read once everything is said and done. I put them together as a guest book of sorts. You can download the customizable printable here!

printable, photos, & design by Sugar & Cloth
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2 thoughts on “Printable // Wedding Guest Lib

  1. viveka

    What a brilliant idea again!!!!! Have friends that is getting married next year … will pass this on. Thanks! Sure there will go laughs …


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