Decor // Ikea + Panyl = Awesome


IKEA Panyl stripe decals

IKEA Panyl stripe decals

As if Ikea hacks weren’t easy enough already, they just got even better now that Panyl has come along. Panyl sells decals that can be combined with tons of different Ikea pieces to make them, well, less Ikea-ish. In fact, on-lookers may never know that you got your striped bookcase from the same Swedish furniture place that sells princess cakes and (soon to be) cardboard cameras. Unless they were trying to survive assembling it, then they would have no doubt…

photos via Panyl Blog

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3 thoughts on “Decor // Ikea + Panyl = Awesome

  1. viveka

    Can’t beat IKEA … and what you can do with their stuff … with a bit of creative and imagination – plus a hand with both thumbs where they should be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jewel7013

    Wish every company would make projects easier for those of us who lack in creativity and only have basic project skills..IKEA is amazing!!!


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