DIY // Graphic Wall Art


DIY graphic wall art

I’m a big fan of graphic art, and according to Pinterest (which is always a good way to base statistics), so is everyone else. So, here is a tutorial for you to make some of your own for cheap. I mean really cheap– under $5, and that’s if you don’t already own glue and a few extra pieces of colored cardstock.


+ 8 x 10 frame ($1 at the Dollar Store)

+ Adhesive letters ($1.58)

+ Two pieces of cardstock (50 cents each)

+ Glue stick ($1)

+ Scissors ($1)


= $5.08 wall art


DIY graphic art

1 | Cut your cardstock for the background down to size if necessary, and then center  & adhere (tape or glue) one entire sheet of adhesive letters to the center of the card stock.

2 | Using a second sheet of cardstock, cut out a quote bubble to circle certain letters, I chose to circle “hiii”.

3 | Glue the bubble to the lettered sheet, and add a few extra graphics if you want!

DIY graphic wall art

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