DIY // Ice Cream Ruffles


DIY ice cream ruffles party decor

You know the saying that start outs with “I love you like a chubby kid loves…”? Well, there has got to be a joke in there somewhere over my love for these ruffled ice cream cones by Icing Designs. Could they really be any more perfect? If only I could always be more in love with fabric ice cream cones than the real deal..

diy ice cream ruffles part decor

diy ice cream ruffles part decor

project & photos by Icing Designs | CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

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28 thoughts on “DIY // Ice Cream Ruffles

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  3. Elizabeth

    Hi! New to this site and just wanted to say how cute these are! I’m looking for tutorial but can’t seem to find it. Would like to try and make one. If possible could you e-mail me the instructions?

  4. ELizabeth

    Hi! Just found your site! We are expecting next year and I would Love love to make these for the nursery. Can you perhaps Email me the the Instructions? Thanks so much!

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