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10 must have summer items 2012

I’m totally one of those people that ends up picking out some variation of the same outfit and the same key necessities at any given chance. Give me a few weeks (and a few new pieces of clothing) and the whole process starts all over again. Am I the only one that does this? I blame it on ease. I mean, why postpone the boardwalk by picking out an outfit when you have your favorites right in front of you? So, here are my current 10 must have summer pieces so far..

1 // Make a striping statement with an Asos floppy hat

2 // Be peachy keen and irresistably kissable, Benefit Posie Tint

3 // Dap a little glimmer onto your eyes after the beach with Benefit cream shadows

4 // Add a little color with bright sandals that you could walk in all day

5 // Protect and brighten with Hello Flawless, and they’ll still be none the wiser

6 // Super mod sunglasses from ModCloth

7 // The forever useful Zara plaited shopper

8 // Smell like summer, Marc Jacobs Lola perfume

9 // Gap hot pink khakis, the most comfortable pants ever

10 // Forever 21 polka dot tee, adds a punch to any outfit


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6 thoughts on “Style // Ten Summer Essentials

  1. jewel7013

    I could really benefit from the cream shadow, love Mark Jacob, and love the amazing Zara bag!! You have wonderful taste…

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