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Style // Sun & Summer


summer field photography dream on dreamer quote

sun and summer photos by park and cube

sun and summer photos by park and cube

Frolicking in a field as never looked so pretty, has it? These photos make me want to run outside right. now. Except my neighbors might not see it as whimsical considering I’m writing this post while still in my flimsy night shirt…

I hope you all have a great weekend twirling through fields and flowers, or you can check out the rest of this photo shoot, here.

photos by Kit Lee for Park & Cube // typography by Sugar & Cloth

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Eats // Triple Chocolate S’mores Cookies


triple chocolate smores cookie recipe

I think I just saw you drool on your keyboard, didn’t I? Rightfully so I might add… not much gets better than cookies and s’mores combined into one delicious sugar rush. The only downside is that these cookies are so simple that they’re dangerously easy access*. You only live once though, so what the heck, eat a campfire cookie!

*This might also have something to do with the fact that I cheated and used pre-made organic triple chocolate cookie dough for the tops and bottoms..

triple chocolate smores cookie recipe

Recipe: Start off by making mini sized s’mores, then place your choice of cookie dough balls underneath and on top of each s’more and then bake as usual (according to your cookie recipe)! They taste the best warm because the chocolate and marshmallows inside are still gooey.

triple chocolate s'mores cookie recipe

triple chocolate smores cookie recipe



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Currently // The Week In Photos


Guess why I’m late on posting today– I got on a cleaning spree. Sometimes out of nowhere I’ll suddenly turn into the Incredible Hulk with Clorox and a mop when you least expect it, turn me loose and my house will sparkle for days. The only trouble is getting me to actually engage in the whole process, so when it happens I gotta go with it, you know?

Anyways, I’m becoming somewhat of an Instagram addict, but then again, who’s not (besides my mom)? So I thought I’d start sharing the past week in photos with you–

bike ride in the country

(morning bike rides with hubby are one of my new favorite things)

bright morning bed

(Seriously not wanting to crawl out of bed, the bright whites are so soothing)

new blooms fresh flowers

(A new week at our house brings new fresh flowers)

whipped cream in coffee

(I highly recommend putting whipped cream in your coffee, it brightens even the roughest of days)


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