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DIY // How To Tint Sprinkles (and a celebration)


happy birthday sugar & cloth is one year old Grab a cupcake and party hat, because Sugar & Cloth is officially one year old today! It wouldn’t be right to celebrate without a DIY, and when I think celebration, two things come to mind: sprinkles & confetti. Honestly, when are sprinkles and confetti not making the world a happier place? So let’s get to partying with DIY colored sprinkles–

how to color sprinkles

Things you’ll need:

  • colorless sprinkles
  • gel food coloring
  • something to shake your sprinkles in
  • stirrer

custom sprinkles tutorial DIY

how to color your own sprinkles Add a tiny dab of gel color to your sprinkles to start and give it a good shake until blended. and Continue adding more color until you get the shade you want. Tip: The lighter the color, the more evenly it blends.

how to tint your own sprinkles via sugar and cloth Just store your sprinkles in an air tight container, and you’re finished! I packaged mine in food-safe corked jars, and decided to turn them into a gift set. So if you don’t feel like making your own, you can have mine! hand-tinted sprinkles gift set by sugar and cloth

Last, but not least, I wanted to thank you for continuing to read this little creative space of mine over the last year, it means more to me than you know! Cheers to many more DIY’s and bad jokes, let’s have a cupcake. – xo Ash

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DIY // A Charming Belt (literally)


DIY charmed belt

I hope you liked my cheesy title, after little deliberation, I decided on it just for you. Also, I know I always say this, but this DIY might take the cake on the easiest project I’ve ever done. Seriously. No glue, no scissors, just two key ingredients and you’ll have yourself a charming belt.

I got this idea from a similar belt that I bought when I was in Memphis (you know I love anything with an unexpected detail added to it), and I couldn’t resist a good DIY. Best part: no one will ever be able to tell you made this yourself, unless you pick something hideous to hang from your belt, in which case I can’t be held responsible for any ridicule.

simple red skinny belt

golden key jewelry charms Use plain jewelry charms with wide loops and slip them onto the belt hook like a keychain.

DIY charmed skinny belt

DIY charmed skinny belt

DIY charmed skinny belt That’s it! You’ve officially achieved a super cute, one-of-a-kind belt in less than a minute!



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Sugar & Cloth is Open for Business!


shop sugar and cloth etsy now open

So this is it, you can officially shop Sugar & Cloth! I have a few more pretties to post over the next few days, but I tend to handle scissors and cameras a little better when I’ve slept, who would’ve known? Until then, you can shop the items I’ve listed to help me get a feel for the water. Let me know what you think! xo- Ash

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Currently // This + That


First, let me just say that I’ve missed you this week, and if it wasn’t for having to choose between sleep or blogging, you would hear from me everyday day. Secondly, my week wasn’t actually filled with strawberries, it just appears that way from these photos, but I do love berries, so there you go. I’ll stop rambling now…

Making lots of goodies for the shop launch next week.

instagram prints from easy canvas prints

Put up my new Instagram print of choice courtesy of Easy Canvas Prints and I love it.

vintage earrings for the sugar and cloth shop

I found the cutest vintage earrings for the shop.


In case I’ve never said this before, breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. To tell you the truth, I sometimes go to sleep picking out what I’m going to eat in the morning. Please tell me you do this too, if not, you can at least thank me for making you look totally normal.

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Style Diaries // Gaby of The Vault Files


Interviewing Gaby of The Vault Files for the S+C Style Diaries column was a no-brainer. I mean, if you can live on an island in the middle of nowhere (seriously, look here) and have this kind of fashion sense, then you’re a hero in my book. Here are Gaby’s favorites–
Style item you can’t leave the house without?
Definitely sunglasses. I’ve been wearing my Ray-Bans for really long and they really are my go-to sunglasses. Last year I got those tortoise ones which I love, but for some reason I can’t get my Ray-Bans off. I guess you could say that I’m a true Ray-Ban girl ;)
What’s your summer uniform?
During the summer I live in denim cut-offs. I wish I could tell you that I wear lots of skirts and dresses, but the fact is that denim shorts are more my style, plus, they are so easy to wear! A typical summer outfit of mine would be a flowy tank, denim cut-offs, a leopard belt, and a pair of flats (it’s all about comfort!). 
Have a favorite pattern?
I guess I really like stripes (hence the photo), and funny enough, I was wearing a striped tee when I snatched that picture ;) 
What current trend are you obsessing over?
Hmmm, so many! Maybe leather. I don’t own a single leather piece (besides accessories and shoes) so I’m dying to get my hands on something, especially a leather jacket, which I think is a closet must-have and it’s been on my shopping list for so long! Also, I’m lusting over a pair of shorts and leggings like these and these (one can dream right?). But for now I’m quite happy with this leather looking dress I got from my friend Anna. Can’t wait to wear it!
style diaries gaby of the vault files striped sweatersI’m in love with that mint green and gold watch, and stripes, and denim. Basically I’m just in love. Thanks, Gaby! xo –Find more Style Diaries, here.
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Teacups aren’t just for sipping


pretty little teacup as a jewelry holder

teacup as a DIY jewelry box

I found this lone teacup at a vintage store the other day and just couldn’t pass it up. It sort of reminded me of Chip from Beauty and The Beast (please say you know this reference), and who am I to just leave pretty little Chip stranded? So I bought him. You have to admit, it does make the cutest makeshift jewelry holder.

On a more relevant note, please forgive me in advance if I’m not as on top of posting over the next week or two, as I usually am. Between my real-life job, the (almost here) S+C shop launch, and going out of town, this lady is busy! You know I love you, though.

teacup as jewelry holder


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