DIY // A Charming Belt (literally)


DIY charmed belt

I hope you liked my cheesy title, after little deliberation, I decided on it just for you. Also, I know I always say this, but this DIY might take the cake on the easiest project I’ve ever done. Seriously. No glue, no scissors, just two key ingredients and you’ll have yourself a charming belt.

I got this idea from a similar belt that I bought when I was in Memphis (you know I love anything with an unexpected detail added to it), and I couldn’t resist a good DIY. Best part: no one will ever be able to tell you made this yourself, unless you pick something hideous to hang from your belt, in which case I can’t be held responsible for any ridicule.

simple red skinny belt

golden key jewelry charms Use plain jewelry charms with wide loops and slip them onto the belt hook like a keychain.

DIY charmed skinny belt

DIY charmed skinny belt

DIY charmed skinny belt That’s it! You’ve officially achieved a super cute, one-of-a-kind belt in less than a minute!



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