Relationships // Stick to your (peace yielding) guns


learning to play it cool

When Seth and I got married, we had friends and family write down their best pieces of advice on notecards as keepsakes in lieu of a guest book. From the funny notes to the encyclopedia-sized paragraphs from others, the one that stuck with me the most simply said “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” (thanks Aunt Carol).

For example, when Seth brings in an arm full of science experiment looking coffee mugs that he’s had collecting in his car for the past month, I’m learning to remember it’s easier to keep the peace than to be upset about something that just needs a little cleaning (even if the cleaning does involve a jackhammer and protective eyewear).  Now, when I say I’m learning to do this, I mean I’m really still learning to do this. I’d totally be lying to you if I said I’d never had a mini-meltdown over coffee cups or dirty laundry, or that I haven’t felt like this when I’m frustrated (which is always a plus, right?). What was the best piece of advice you were given on relationships?

P.s.- Just for good safety measure, I love you Seth! :)

photo source // typography by Sugar & Cloth

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10 thoughts on “Relationships // Stick to your (peace yielding) guns

  1. Alyssa

    I think that’s such a great idea at a wedding–I’d love to see what my friends and family came up with. I’ve never received marriage advice (because I’m not married) but the best piece of relationship advice I’ve ever received was to be your significant other’s biggest supporter, and to never compromise your values or yourself for a relationship.

    The Glossy Life

  2. Molly

    Matthew’s favorite piece of marital advice, which he has re-gifted to many newlyweds is “Happy wife, happy life.” I remind him of this when necessary :)


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