DIY // Leather & Stamped Tote Bag


DIY leather and stamped tote bag

Cool news: I started working for Whimseybox! Any job that requires me to carve and stamp and make a leather strapped tote bag on my very first day is a dream come true. The downside is that I secretly really want to keep this bag forever and ever, but life could be worse. If you want to see my full tutorial to make your own, check it out here! Oh, and you’ll be able to see the unhappy accident I had in the making…

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6 thoughts on “DIY // Leather & Stamped Tote Bag

  1. jewel7013

    So thrilled that other websites and blogs have admiration for your talents, congratulation on your new job, they are truly lucky to have you as part of their creative team! Love the tote bag…

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