DIY // Vintage Spool Cake Stand


DIY vintage spool cake stand

I have a tendency to want to hoard vintage spools. I don’t know if this is a feeling anyone shares with me, but I just can’t help it, something about them is just awesome. I’ve had a few sitting around as simple decor for a while now, but I wanted a way to make them functional (aside from successfully collecting dust). Eventually I decided to try my hand at making them into cake stands and this is how they turned out.


DIY cake stand from vintage spools Basically all you have to do is stain the wooden oval to match your spool, and then glue the spool, oval, and plate together and you’re finished!

To match my spool, I used dark walnut fast-dry stain, let it dry, and then used water based black craft paint over top and wiped off the excess.

DIY vintage spool cake stand

DIY cake stand from a vintage spool

I just used a cake dome from an old cake stand to cover the cupcakes. Wouldn’t this be adorable for a wedding? It’s definitely MUCH cheaper!

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