Gift Wrap DIY’s, Products, & Inspirations


Confession of a wrap-aholic: Sometimes I spend more on gift wrapping materials than I do the actual gift… don’t judge me for this, I just want you to have pretty things.

Be honest though, do you not reach for the craziest wrapped present under the tree first? So do I, which is why I’ve compiled a not-so-short list of my favorite recent gift wrap DIY’s, products, and inspirations to make sure that your gift is the one everyone is itching to open.

over 15 different gift wrap DIY's, products, and inspirations!

1 adorned glitter clothespin DIY by Creature Comforts // 2 knit gift tags printable DIY by Eat Drink Chic // 3 clutch gift wrap from Leela Purse $4.00 // 4 leaf and twine gift wrap DIY by Chelsea Fuss // 5 rustic gift wrap DIY by Grey Likes Nesting on Style Me Pretty

over 15 different gift wrap DIY's, products, and inspirations!

6 kids art as gift wrap DIY by Martha Stewart // 7 star gift topper inspiration by Blank Goods // 8 gift wrap pom collection by Potter + Butler, $15.00 // 9 paper button gift toppers by Blank Goods, $2.00 // 10 pom pom wrapping paper by Anthropologie, $18.00 // 11 polka dot storage box set by Urban Outfitters, $20.00 // 12 ombre wrapping sheets by Rifle Paper Co., $8.50 //

over 15 different gift wrap DIY's, products, and inspirations!

13 glitter dipped pom pom DIY by Sugar & Cloth // 14  studded paper and leather gift tag DIY by Whimseybox // 15 holiday flag gift wrap by FIg. 2 Design Stuio, $12.00 // 16 holiday mail stripes printable DIY by Eat Drink Chic // 17 tinsel bow gift wrap DIY by Whimseybox

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15 thoughts on “Gift Wrap DIY’s, Products, & Inspirations

  1. Precious Crafts

    I love the ideas, but you’d hate me for this – I prefer to put the gifts in a paper gift bag. That’s my way now. Really ashamed of my laziness…. It’s been years since I have thought things through before ‘wrapping’, so to speak, since I don’t ‘wrap’ anymore.


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