8 Simple Tricks to Add Sparkle to Your Holiday Table


There aren’t that many occasions besides weddings, New Year’s, and Christmas (and maybe an extra 52 days of the year here and there in our house), that it’s socially acceptable to go crazy with sparkly, glittery decor. So of course, in the name of sparkly living, I have to go all out for these particular holidays. See my 8 simple DIY tricks to add sparkle to your holiday table (without making you the neighborhood’s glittering weirdo), by clicking through the gallery below!

[imagebrowser id=1]

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14 thoughts on “8 Simple Tricks to Add Sparkle to Your Holiday Table

  1. Allison

    It’s beautiful Ashley. I love the white and gold and of course anything sparkly. Simple and elegant! You gave me great ideas for our New Years Eve table.

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