An honest post on real life.


choosing to dance in the rain

Maybe I should start a column called Real Life, because sometimes, I just need a good healthy dose of “it doesn’t always have to be pink polka dots and gum drops” in the blog world for things to still be okay…

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have picked up on the fact that yesterday wasn’t necessarily my day. From waking up feeling feisty to messing up both DIY’s I tried to shoot, plus running late at my real job and having to remind myself not to cry throughout the whole day… you get the gist. It wasn’t my brightest day. I say all of this to remind you that though some of my recent contributions and successes are exciting, I still have my own mountain of laundry to clean and a normal job to work hard at to pay the bills. My house doesn’t clean itself and some days I wake up feeling like I could throw glitter across the room out of sheer grumpiness; not all of my projects turn out pretty, and my cakes don’t always rise. And you know what? Nor is everything perfect for the people behind other blogs, magazines, or Pinterest worthy weddings.

It’s really easy to get caught up in thinking everything has to look and be picture perfect these days, I’ve been really guilty of that lately. In reality, real joy and real life comes from choosing to dance even when it’s raining…


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17 thoughts on “An honest post on real life.

  1. Kai Chan

    That’s why on my blog, I include posts about frustrating moments during my school year. It keeps me in mind that it’s normal and everyone goes through their own kind of stuff. And no matter what, I’ll still be your reader through your angst and frustration! :)

  2. Sandra

    That IS life, eh? The slog, the endless laundry that doesn’t do itself. The mundane moments in the midst of a bit of glitter. It’s not a race to eliminate the mundane, to live either glitter OR mundane. It’s all the glitter AND the mundane. And more interesting to read when both are revealed.

  3. jewel7013

    As the saying goes,” Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it”

    If the sun shined every day, would we miss the rain? Absolutely! :)

  4. Rach

    I have craft fails all the time! Sometimes it’s stressful if ku hav a deadline as you have to solve things quickly or scrap,it and start fresh with a new idea….grrrr! You make so many lovely things – it’s ok to have an off day – tomorrow is another day and another craft win will come I’m sure! You are amazing and don’t forget it :)

  5. Angela

    I’m with you, just posted about this too last week and felt a lot better seeing comments that agreed & basically reinforced that it’s okay that not everything is perfect! It’s hard even to get it to look that way most of the time.

  6. ohnorachio

    Ashley, what a sweet post. I’ve also had a bit of a week – you’re so right – when I look at amazing blogs {like yours} and Pinterest and all of the beautifully staged enviable perfection that plasters the Internet, and I huff at my own minor misfortunes, I often forgot to put things into context. We’re all human, everybody makes mistakes, and everybody has off-days. It’s totally normal. So thank you, for reminding me of the bigger picture and making me feel like I’m not alone in having a somewhat stressful few days!

    Lots of festive love to you over in the US {gutted I’m missing all the crafternoons and evenings!}
    Have an awesome Christmas petal – you’re an amazingly talented gal!

    R x

  7. Emma Marion

    This post is so refreshing. It’s so nice to be reminded even outside of the blog world that we don’t have to be perfect all the time, look the prettiest, or have the best posts or things. It’s OK to just be human. After the rain comes sunshine. <3


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