DIY // Coffee Stained Hostess Gift Set


DIY coffee stained gift box as a hostess gift

DIY coffee stained gift box as a hostess gift I’m a big advocate for hostess gifts. Mostly I just love giving gifts in general, but hostess gifts hold a special place in my heart considering I’m an over-acheivor when it comes to parties (and by over-acheivor I actually mean that I run around like a maniac making things just so).

All of this to say that the holidays are the perfect time for a DIY hostess gift for the ones on the front lines of party planning, like this DIY coffee stained gift set filled with hot chocolate for two!

DIY coffee stained hostess gift box First, I bought this simple unfinished box at Hobby Lobby and burnt a monogram on the corner using a simple wood burning tool.
DIY coffee stained hostess gift box

I used fresh coffee grounds to stain the wood naturally, this way it’s food safe if you want to fill it with cookies or fun edibles, and it’s practically free considering we drink coffee as our second water.

All you have to do is rub fresh grounds over the entire box with either your hands or a clean cloth. The more layers you do, the darker it gets. Rinse the whole box once you have the color you’re going for.

hot chocolate for two as a holiday hostess gift

Then I filled glass spice jars full of hot chocolate mixes, marshmallows, and peppermint to make a hot chocolate for two gift set! It makes for a really inexpensive, personalized gift that people can reuse.

DIY coffee stained gift box as a hostess gift DIY coffee stained gift box as a hostess gift

Also, what did you think of the awesome giveaway from yesterday? You can find the 4th day of the 24 merry days blog event on The Sweetest Occasion today!

Oh, and my “Meet the Maker”  interview is live over on Kollabora for you to get a little behind the scenes scoop on S+C!


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31 thoughts on “DIY // Coffee Stained Hostess Gift Set

  1. jewel7013

    Natural products to stain such as coffee grinds is brilliant!

    I love the box, the glass jars, the cocoa, the candy stripes, I love it all!

  2. Allison

    Such a sweet and very thoughtful hostess gift. I love that you personalized it…a lovely touch. Your photos are beautiful.

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  15. rachel

    hi what size box did you get from hobby lobby? small medium or large? i would also like to know what size spice jars you used. thanks so much


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