DIY // Last minute candy gift tags


last minute DIY candy gift tags from coasters!

I finally mailed the Christmas gifts for our family yesterday (because I’m a procrastinator), and after I had a mild heart attack over the price tag, I swore I wasn’t going to buy any more Christmas related knick knacks. Alas, five minutes later, we get home and I’m out of name tags for the rest of our gifts.

Now, I had two options: get a little trashy with my name tags (and by trashy I mean post-it notes), or I could hole punch random Christmasy looking items from around my house to tie onto stuff. I chose the latter and ended up with DIY candy gift tags made from stashed Martha Stewart holiday coasters (that never made it into this post).

last minute DIY candy gift tags last minute DIY candy gift tags

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3 thoughts on “DIY // Last minute candy gift tags

  1. Allison

    That is very clever! Fun amd festive and I love the bakers twine. I like your gift tags much more than the store bought ones! They’re perfect Ashley.


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