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DIY Jewelry event at Langford Market! (and a pop quiz!)


DIY jewelry event

For those of you who were crossing your fingers for another DIY event, here it is! Next Wednesday, February 6th from 7-8pm, I’ll be at Langford Market in Rice Village teaching you a sweet little jewelry DIY to wear just in time for Valentine’s Day! If you want to reserve yourself a spot, email me: ashley (at)! If you’ve never been to one our DIY events you’re in for treat because Langford Market is quite the host with sips and goodies for everyone. You know I love a good cupcake.

If you aren’t local and I were to travel to you for a DIY event, where would hope for it to be? The goal this year is to start hitting up some cities with a serious DIY itch, so the more interest the better!

In which city would you attend a DIY event? free polls

image source unknown (help if you know!), design by sugar and cloth

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DIY Cute as a button Valentine


DIY cute as a button valentine DIY cute as a button valentine

Valentine’s Day had quite the holiday timeline for me. When I was little I loved it, you always had a party in class and your parents were the ones buying a Valentine for everyone (but mostly just to use for the cute boy next to you). Then I got to high school and college and seemed to always hate it because I was wallowing in my sorrows over someone that just hit puberty or set a couch on fire after a football game. Now, I’m married and Valentine’s day is mostly just a good excuse to eat at a restaurant we wouldn’t normally pay for and order a chocolate something that’s the size of my face. Overall it’s a great holiday.

After that lovely intro to this sacred holiday, I’m going to share this simple DIY cute as a button valentine that you can prepare in less than 5 minutes and is still sweet enough for even the cutest boy in the class.


  • gift box
  • tissue paper
  • buttons
  • twine
  • labels/tags
  • chocolate

DIY cute as a button valentineDIY cute as a button valentine

First, line the boxes with tissue paper that has been cut to size and then fill them all with chocolate. I used Kit Kat bars because they fit perfectly in the box which looks better for presentation, I think.

DIY cute as a button valentine

Fill out the labels (mine are Martha Stewart at Staples) saying “Cute as a button!” and then string them onto the twine with button as you wrap the box together and you’re finished!DIY cute as a button valentine

DIY cute as a button valentine

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DIY // Get organized event.


creative organization from Ikea products

creative organization from ikea products!

I’m officially back from Alt! I’ve got lots of cool goodies and must-have info to share with you this week, but right now I’m still trying to transition back into real life. It’s been a little crazy considering the last two days have involved days of almost no sleep, countless friends made, a car accident, and waking up sick. Let me just tell you that it’s never a dull moment here, folks!

On a smoother note, in case you missed my DIY workshop at Ikea and want to catch up on all of the details, you can read my full post here on the Ikea Houston website. Go check it out and leave some comments there letting me know what you think, but preferably just how awesome I am? Just kidding, sort of…

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