DIY Cute as a button Valentine


DIY cute as a button valentine DIY cute as a button valentine

Valentine’s Day had quite the holiday timeline for me. When I was little I loved it, you always had a party in class and your parents were the ones buying a Valentine for everyone (but mostly just to use for the cute boy next to you). Then I got to high school and college and seemed to always hate it because I was wallowing in my sorrows over someone that just hit puberty or set a couch on fire after a football game. Now, I’m married and Valentine’s day is mostly just a good excuse to eat at a restaurant we wouldn’t normally pay for and order a chocolate something that’s the size of my face. Overall it’s a great holiday.

After that lovely intro to this sacred holiday, I’m going to share this simple DIY cute as a button valentine that you can prepare in less than 5 minutes and is still sweet enough for even the cutest boy in the class.


  • gift box
  • tissue paper
  • buttons
  • twine
  • labels/tags
  • chocolate

DIY cute as a button valentineDIY cute as a button valentine

First, line the boxes with tissue paper that has been cut to size and then fill them all with chocolate. I used Kit Kat bars because they fit perfectly in the box which looks better for presentation, I think.

DIY cute as a button valentine

Fill out the labels (mine are Martha Stewart at Staples) saying “Cute as a button!” and then string them onto the twine with button as you wrap the box together and you’re finished!DIY cute as a button valentine

DIY cute as a button valentine

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17 thoughts on “DIY Cute as a button Valentine

  1. Allison

    These are so sweet and pretty! I have always loved Valentine’s Day since I was a little girl. My Dad would always bring us home chocolates and flowers and now my hubby brings home the chocolates and flowers. A day of love.

  2. jewel7013

    Awwwww….Such a sweet intro to your project. Storytelling is such a great way to have a glimpse into others’ lives, thanks for sharing :)

    This DIY project truly is “Cute As A Button” and I happen to love kit kats

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