Video DIY // Geo Stamped Calendar for Whimseybox


Believe it or not, I’m actually planning an arsenal of DIY projects that are going to blow you away (or at least that’s the plan anyways). For now I’m just spending most of my days learning a new job and house hunting on a Houston rental market that’s much like that of pigs to the squaller, although I’d like to think we’re not that desperate for a place, I’m losing more and more subtlety by the day.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details and leave you with this DIY geo stamped calendar video that I worked on for the Whimseybox team, and you can find the full tutorial here. With fingers crossed, we’ll be back to regular programming next week. Wish me luck!

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6 thoughts on “Video DIY // Geo Stamped Calendar for Whimseybox

  1. jewel7013

    Fantastic video tutorial, which by the way, I learn better by visual cues…

    Love the upbeat music, it was perfect…

  2. mary


    I see that you’re house hunting in Houston. Me too! Just out of curiosity how is your process going? Do you have a realtor you like and/or recommend?

    1. Ashley Post author

      Hi Mary! You’re in Houston? You should come to some of the upcoming S+C events so we can meet! The house hunting is ridiculously cut-throat for us, we applied for one in Rice Military and they chose another application with a longer lease time, and then a few others we got to just after they had several people already apply. We’re looking for the anything inside the loop for around $1650, how about you? We’ve been using Cathy Coleman who is super nice!

      1. Mary

        Thanks Ashley!

        Is there some sort of newsletter I can sign up for for the s & c events or do you just notify on the blog?

        I tried to make it out to your last one in rice village but I got held up with work! Bummer. It looked like a blast.

        Also, I love love your blog =) so inspiring!


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