1 // A DIY To Die For


DIY Miniature Hanging Garden by Penelope and Pip Now that we’ve got all of our  thousand boxes moved into our new house, I’m on the hunt for home DIY’s to die for. (I thought about making that into an acronym for you, but it’s a little to long winded.)

First up are these stunningly pretty miniature hanging garden planters by Rachael, the DIY genius behind the blog Penelope & Pip. Like I needed another reason to have a girl crush on her..

DIY Miniature Hanging Garden by Penelope and Pip

You can find the full tutorial and photos right here on the Frankie Magazine blog. Wouldn’t these also make really adorable favor cups? You know I would be shoving at least three in my purse!

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9 thoughts on “1 // A DIY To Die For

  1. Rach

    Awww…thanks luv! This is actually one of the few DIYs I’ve done that I still use every day :) they’re great for holding just about anything little.


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