I want it all.


chinti and parker spring and sum

In case the title didn’t fully explain it, I want everything in the 2013 Chinti and Parker Spring/Summer collection. Polka dots? Stripes? Colorblock? It just has a my name all over it! I’d wear it all.. at once. Okay not really all at once, that would be too much awesome for one person to handle.

What’s your favorite piece? To be honest, I buy things that I love and then wear the crap out of them until they look like colorful trash bags. Am I the only one?

Checkprint skirt // heart sweaters // polka dot sweaters // one pocket sweater // striped breton dress


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14 thoughts on “I want it all.

  1. Annie

    Haha I’m the exact same way. In fact, I’m starting to think that if I don’t start immediately and constantly wearing something about purchasing it, it was a mistake in the first place.

    1. Ashley Post author

      I totally agree! I have an ancient Anthropologie dress in my closet that still has the tags on it and I have NO idea why I wasted my money on it if I didn’t even like enough to wear it. What the heck was I thinking? Never again!


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