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bird's nest macaroons by The Faux Martha

Hands down one of my favorite food bloggers is Melissa, the magician and all around sweetheart behind¬†The Faux Martha. Not only does she have pictures pretty enough to take a bite out of, but if there is a tip or trick to be had, she’s got that too.

For a little last minute Easter weekend prep, I picked out a few recipes to try over your (hopefully) long weekend…

pictured bird’s nest macaroons

mascarpone french toast Always a favorite, mascarpone french toast.

salted dark chocolate nutella cookies A sure way to anyone’s heart, salted dark chocolate nutella cookies.

homemade marshamallows by The Faux Martha And a fun last minute addition to Easter eggs, homemade marshmallows.

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2 thoughts on “Eats // The Faux Martha

  1. Melissa // The Fauxmartha

    You are simply the best! Thanks for making my day pretty lady. I keep telling my sister she needs to meet you. I’ll have to send her to one of your IKEA Houston events. Or maybe we can all grab lunch when I’m down there in May! (Just planned a last minute trip). Much love! xoxox


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