In NEET Magazine!


DIY office organizer from sugar and cloth

I’m pretty pumped about getting to contribute to the 30th issue of NEET magazine! Being a fan of NEET, my off-beat little DIY snippet totally made month. If you’re a bigger fan of PVC pipe than you are online magazines, then my DIY office organizer is still for you. Go check it out!

And you may remember Gaby from this post. She asked me for a quick peek inside my closet, and the scoop on my most recent purchase over on her blog, The Vault Files. Check out the full interview here!

DIY office organizer from sugar and cloth


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8 thoughts on “In NEET Magazine!

  1. Brittni

    Woohoo! Congrats Ash. I love NEET and I love this project. By the way…I literally had PVC pipe in my cart at Home Depot the other day for a DIY, but then abandoned it for copper tubing. Thought I better draw the line with a max of one plumbing supply that day. Maybe I’ll go back so I can make some of these little guys.

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