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DIY // Golden Charm Necklace


DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha

I’m always a sucker for long necklaces. They’re just so easy to throw on with almost anything, and the long length makes me feel not too put together. I say all of this like I know what’s going on in the real fashion world (as opposed to my little bubble), but what I do know for sure is that I pretty much love the new golden charms and enamels from the Martha Stewart jewelry line.

This DIY golden charm necklace is super simple to make, plus you could easily skip the long chain and throw them on a golden loop ring for drink charms or key-rings, too!


  • Golden charms by Martha Stewart (at Michael’s)
  • Golden chain necklace
  • Gold jump rings
  • Chain nose pliers by Martha Stewart

DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha This necklace is literally as simple as attaching your charms to the jump rings, and slipping them onto your necklace chain. Easy to do, but packs a big punch!

DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha DIY golden charm necklace @ms_living #12monthsofmartha

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Buy or DIY // 5 Scalloped items you wish you had.


buy or DIY, five scalloped items you wish you had

I realize not everyone will actually DIY, so I decided to start a new column that’s the best of both worlds to give you the option to buy or DIY (yes, I rhyme.) Now for other important measures…

Without a doubt, polka dots are one of my favorite things of all time. I really can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be cuter with a few polka dots, but if I had to pick a second favorite, it would be anything that’s scalloped. To help you add a few scalloped items to your collections, here are five products and inspirations for you to buy or DIY.

Succulent planter kit by Oh No Rachio // DIY scalloped cut-off shorts // DIY scalloped candle holders // Scalloped cupcake side table by Loyal Loot // Chloe mint green scalloped ballerina flats

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Eats // The best 5-minute bruschetta you’ll ever eat.


recipe for the best five-minute bruschetta

No lie. This isn’t one of those scenes from Elf where Buddy congratulates the coffee shop for having the “World’s best cup of coffee”. No, no, this is legit. With the summer coming up and guests popping in unexpected, this is a bruschetta recipe that you’ll want on hand. And the best part about this appetizer? It requires no actual cooking or measurements, just throw all of the ingredients together and you’re set!

Ingredients (all of my ingredients are from Trader Joe’s):

  • Brioche toast slices
  • English peaches n’ cream cheese
  • Fresh avocado
  • White truffle oil
  • Bruschetta sauce

recipe for the best five-minute bruschetta

Drizzle a bit of white truffle oil on each brioche toast and then top with bruschetta, avocado, and cheese.

recipe for the best five-minute bruschetta




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DIY // Pool Noodle Garland


DIY pool noodle garland

I, Kathleen, don’t know about you, but once the summer beach toys start popping up in stores, I can’t help but be sucked right in. It’s silly because I don’t have a pool or live near the beach, but somehow I’m able to ignore that fact and browse for ages anyway.

This DIY pool noodle garland is a super simple way to add some summery fun to your next party or barbeque. And don’t worry: no pool, no problem!


  • 3 different colored pool noodles*
  • String
  • Exacto knife
  • Cutting mat

*Note: I’ve found that if you’re looking for noodles that are in the same color family, you might have to visit a few different stores to choose from different pool noodle brands. If shopping around, it’s a good idea to cut a thin slice off of each noodle you’ve purchase to bring along – I’ll admit that I did get a few funny looks comparing noodles!

DIY pool noodle garland

With the blade of your exacto knife fully extended, cut your noodles into ½” slices using the lines on your cutting mat as a guide.

Depending on how long you want your finished garland to be, continue to cut the pool noodles until you have enough. The garland pictured used a half of each of the three noodles.

DIY pool noodle garland

Feed the noodles onto the string.

Tie a noodle slice at each end of the garland to prevent the noodles from sliding off while you hang it. If hanging from the ceiling or wall, you can simply tape this noodle to the surface as well or if it’s a visual distraction cut it off once the garland is secured.

And there you have it – a fun alternative use for pool noodles this summer!

And there you have it – a fun alternative use for pool noodles this summer!


kathleen of snowdrop and company

project and photos contributed by Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co.

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DIY // Distressed Wooden Shelves


DIY distressed wood shelves

I think we can all agree on our mutual obsession with distressed wood these days. Unfortunately, buying reclaimed wood has about as much competition as the last cupcake at at a kid’s party (or mine..), and the dollar signs to go with it. So, I made my own DIY version, and you almost can’t tell the difference!

Simple to make with just a few supplies, you can find my full tutorial on DIY distressed wooden shelves, here, for the Ikea blog.

DIY distressed wood shelves

DIY distressed wooden shelves

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Sleeping in like it’s my birthday.


twenty five

So today I turn a quarter of a century old. That kind of makes me sound full of wisdom and adventurous stories, huh? I thought so, too.

In all seriousness, I can say that I’ve had quite the blessings in the last year. I definitely would’ve never believed any one if they told me that at 24 I would have had career opportunities that landed me on Martha Stewart Living, Ikea, television (albeit nervous as all get-out), being names a Top 10 up and coming DIY blog, or more importantly, in your inbox every morning. So, thank you for always reading and being interested in the little things I have to make here, it’s made this last year worth every minute!

With all of that being said, and considering I’m not exactly a party animal, I plan to celebrate with cupcakes and sleeping in for a few days. Now that is a party (or a small miracle), my friends!

photo by Parker Fitzgerald, design by Sugar & Cloth.

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