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DIY // Polka Dot Treat Cones (Trade & Made Challenge!)


polka dot party cone favors

Well, today is the day! Remember this post of random craft supplies from last week? This is what I managed to come up with from them!

In case you missed it, there are thirteen bloggers that received a box of craft supplies and had to make a DIY using ONLY the products on the box. I came up with this DIY polka dot cone favor, and let me just tell you, the humidity in Texas is not a friend to cotton candy!

p.s.- don’t forget to check out the rest of the Trade & Made projects from other bloggers, here.


  • Paper mache cone
  • Decor Art white craft paint
  • Deco Art paint brush
  • Cork topper (you can use circle stickers and it’s WAY easier)
  • Pencil
  • Round wooden plaque
  • Drill & drill bit

polka dot party cone favors First, drill a hole into a wooden plaque that’s just wide enough for the end of the cone to rest in, and then paint the plaque (in my case, white).

polka dot party cone favors


Next, make the polka dots on the cone. I traced the cork lid onto the cone to make dots in order to follow the Trade & Made rule of not using any supplies that weren’t included in the box, but you can make perfect and quick dots by sticking round stickers on the cone, painting over them, and then peeling them back off.

DIY polka dot cone favor by sugar and cloth

I tediously painted the Decor Art white paint around the traced circles(as you can tell by my rough edges), not fun!

polka dot party cone favors Lastly, fill your cone with whatever food or party favor you’d like, then place it in the plaque “holder” to display it!

polka dot party cone favors

 I used cotton candy to display to look like an ice cream cone, but you could use confetti, straws, whatever you’d like. See my funny note (and photo) about humidity not liking cotton candy, here.

Thanks again to the Trade & made challenge sponsors Clear & SimpleFor The MakersMichaelsDeco Art, and Specialty Bottle for providing all of the great materials and to Gloria of Little White Whale for the site design!

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DIY Sequined Hello Pillow (and Ikea event recap!)


DIY sequined hello pillow by sugar and cloth A big thank you to everyone that attended the first Thursday of the 5 weeks of Ikea DIY Events, it was a blast! Free cookies, crafts, and (my) cheesy jokes, what more could you really ask for?

The whole night was based around mixing matching patterns and comfort to come up with the perfect bedding for you style and sleep habits. Everyone got to make and take home a few goodies along with their own throw pillow that they decorated, and this DIY sequined hello pillow was one of my examples of how they could dress theirs up. Here’s how–


  • Ikea Granat pillow
  • 4ft of sequin ribbon (enough for a five letter word)
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors

DIY sequined hello pillow from sugar and cloth

All you have to do to is spell out the word on the pillow with tacky glue, and then lay the sequin ribbon gently overtop. You can use scissors to cut the ribbon on certain letters so that there isn’t too much overlap, just make sure to glue the sequin on the end down really well so that it doesn’t unravel over time.

DIY sequined hello pillow from sugar and cloth

Now, you’ll have to carefully hand wash this pillow when necessary, but it’s totally worth it for the cute factor!

Here are a few photos from the night!

DIY event with sugar and cloth


DIY event with sugar and cloth


DIY sequined hello pillow from sugar and cloth

Be sure to join us again this Thursday at 7pm at Ikea Houston to make noticeboards for back to school!



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DIY // Liquid Gold Ombre Pillowcases


DIY liquid gold ombre pillowcase

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of some of what you’ll see at tonight’s *DIY event at Ikea! I’m going to show you how to style the same bed set three different ways using accessories and a few simple DIY tricks that anyone can do, including these DIY ombre pillowcases.

Of course, I chose to use gold (per usual), but this is your chance to go wild with color in just the right amount. Pair it with all white wedding, or sweet and simple geometric patterns and you’re good to go!

*p.s.- You can still show up for tonight’s even at Ikea Houston at 7pm!


  • Pillow (c/o Ikea)
  • Pillowcase (c/o Ikea)
  • Tape
  • Foam Brush
  • Magazine
  • Precious Metals paint (they also have deeper colors)

DIY liquid gold ombre pillowcase

First of all, how many people can say they actual have pillowcases covered in liquid gold? Not many, so you’re welcome for that little bragging right.

To get started, insert a magazine inside the pillowcase so it doesn’t bleed and then tape down the pillowcase to make sure it won’t move about with your brush the paint on. At the edge of the pillow, paint the gold inwards with a dry foam brush and lift the brush up a little bit as you paint so it gives it a faded look. Do this all the way across the edge of the pillow and then let dry.

DIY liquid gold ombre pillowcase

Now, just insert your pillow and style!

DIY liquid gold ombre pillowcase

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Trade & Made: A cross country craft challenge!


trade and made DIY series

All right you guys, I may or may not be pretending to be on my version of Craft Wars over here. Last week I was sent a box of supplies for a cross country interactive DIY  challenge called Trade & Made (a concept brought to life by House of Earnest and A Girl Who Makes).

Thirteen bloggers from across the blogosphere received the same box and are challenged to come up with a DIY using only these supplies and any project required tools or craft glues. You’ll be able to check back on July 31st to see what projects we’ve dreamt up with these few items!

Do you have any ideas right off the bat? I could use some help!

trade and made blogger DIY series Thanks to the sponsors Clear & SimpleFor The MakersMichaelsDeco Art, and Specialty Bottle for providing all of the great materials and to Gloria of Little White Whale for the site design!

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DIY // Cake Pop Stand & Recipe


DIY cake pop stand and recipe

DIY cake pop stand and recipe

photos, project, and recipe contributed by Rachel of Oh No Racho!

Today’s DIY is definitely one for all of you cake lovers out there; cake pops! They’re super easy to bake, perfect as a hostess gift, or as a summer picnic addition since they travel well and look gorgeous! But before you  start, you’re definitely going to want something to display your proud creations.

This cake pop stand is an inexpensive and super quick little project using a small cardboard box, some paper, a carrot (yes, never underestimate how useful a carrot can be) and some inks. Plus, I’ll even share my very own cake pop recipe with you!

For the stand you will need:

  • Small cardboard box
  • Paper
  • A carrot
  • A Knife
  • Tape
  • Stamping Inks

DIY cake pop stand and recipe
DIY cake pop stand and recipe Using a knife, cut your shape into the end of the carrot. Press your finished stamp on an ink pad, and stamp enough paper to cover your box. Wrap it as you would a present, and then punch holes in the top for the pops!

For the cake pops you will need:

  • 1 nice moist sponge cake {I followed this recipe from my hero, the swoon worthy Jamie Oliver}
  • 1 little bowl of frosting, you don’t need much at all {the recipe I used can be found here}
  • 200g white chocolate
  • cake pop sticks {aka lollipop sticks!}
  • sprinkles, lots & lots of pretty sprinkles.
Firstly, you want to break up your lovely cake into tiny crumbs – now I did this by hand but you can whizz it up in a food processor if you prefer! Next add 2 big scoops of your buttercream frosting (you don’t want to add too much or the mixture ends up looking like someone has already chewed the cake!). Mix in the frosting until your mixture begins to just about hold together, if you squeeze it in your hand it should hold.
Gently compress a spoonful of the mixture between your hands into a rough ball, then carefully mould into an even shape. This is the trickiest part as they can begin to crumble – have patience, the more gently you mould, the easier it is to get them to hold their shape!
Once you’ve rolled your cake portions into little balls – about the size of a golf ball – pop them onto a plate and into the freezer for 20 minutes. Melt your chocolate in the microwave in a microwave safe cup, checking and stirring between blasts to make sure it melts evenly and doesn’t burn. Having your chocolate ready in a cup means much easier dipping and coating! One at a time take your lolly sticks, dip the ends into your chocolate and poke them into the centre of the pops. This means your little balls of cake will cling nicely to stick and not just slide straight off. Think of it as tasty cake glue!
Let your little pops dry on their sticks for 5 minutes or so before one by one dipping them into the chocolate and allowing any excess to drip back into the cup and immediately sprinkle each with sprinkles, sugar, edible glitter, coconut, or any other topping of your choice and place them in the stand.
DIY cake pop stand and recipe
Voila! Now all you need to do is share and enjoy!
photos, project, and recipe contributed by Rachel of Oh No Racho!
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DIY Back To School Events with Ikea!


back to school DIY events with sugar and cloth

Get your DIY dancing boots ready my friends, because Ikea and Sugar & Cloth are teaming up to host five free (yes, free) back to school DIY events every Thursday night at 7pm for five weeks starting on July 25th! You’ll be able to come hang out with me and craft to your hearts content just in time to gear up for back to school!

Stay tuned every week to get the scoop on what we’ll be making each Thursday, how to RSVP (spots fill up fast!), and what goodies you’ll be taking home for attending. First up next week, I’ll be showing you how I like to mix and match patterns, customize your bedding, and you’ll get to create and take home your very own decorative pillows (you even have the chance of winning your own bed set from Ikea!). RSVP here!

If you’re not local, don’t worry! I’ll share all of the DIY projects and event photos here on the blog, and you can follow along with the hashtag #madeforschool.

RSVP for back to school events with sugar and cloth

July 25th and August 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd.


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