Trade & Made: A cross country craft challenge!


trade and made DIY series

All right you guys, I may or may not be pretending to be on my version of Craft Wars over here. Last week I was sent a box of supplies for a cross country interactive DIY  challenge called Trade & Made (a concept brought to life by House of Earnest and A Girl Who Makes).

Thirteen bloggers from across the blogosphere received the same box and are challenged to come up with a DIY using only these supplies and any project required tools or craft glues. You’ll be able to check back on July 31st to see what projects we’ve dreamt up with these few items!

Do you have any ideas right off the bat? I could use some help!

trade and made blogger DIY series Thanks to the sponsors Clear & SimpleFor The MakersMichaelsDeco Art, and Specialty Bottle for providing all of the great materials and to Gloria of Little White Whale for the site design!

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7 thoughts on “Trade & Made: A cross country craft challenge!

  1. Lisa Frank

    Hmmm, that is quite the random assortment! All I can think of off the bat is either some kind of embroidery/string art on the kraft tags or muslin bags, or painted/marbled wooden beads as a necklace or as ties for the bag. Good luck! (That paper mache cone is throwing me for a loop!) :)

    Lisa Frank

  2. Kia | With Lovely,

    I’d make a cool geometric necklace kind of like this using embroidery thread-wrapped pieces of the wooden rods!

    You could also make a cute party hat using that cone and one of the wooden beads (or the embroidery thread for a pom pom) or cut stencils out of those tags to paint pretty shapes onto the bag or make a snow globe with the jar, base, and glitter and something inside … so many possibilities!

    Good luck :)

  3. Chan Kai

    I’m a sketcher so from this I see like hunting, animal heads type of themes. Round and Square block as scenaries or actual “animal heads” on it. Then the jar is filled with that round balls as “pebbles” and some pom poms for colors. Then use the “fish bone” chain as-is, “fish bone”. Use the tags as label. Make arrows out of the skewers. Make embroidery of “home sweet home” with dead squirrel (sorry if that made you disgust a bit).

    Good luck! :)

  4. Becca

    This is such a cool idea! I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. I’d probably hit that embroidery floss and make some hand stitched tags, or figure out a way to mount some embroidery on one of the wooden plaques. Have fun!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. Holly

    Help? The master needs help?! I’m baffled! ;) This looks like so much funnn!!! But seriously, this already looks like the start to one of your amazing DIY posts, and you just cut it short and are pretending you don’t know the ending. You can do this, girl! :D

  6. Holly

    Oh, but if I WERE smart and had an amazing idea — I also love the idea itself of choosing a reader’s idea and making it come to life with these random objects! SO CREATIVEEE. And collaborative!


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