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a budget friendly bar cart

Last week’s DIY event with Ikea Houston was a huge hit! I think we ended up making room for about twenty or thirty more people than we thought, and I loved meeting all of you! For those of you that couldn’t make it, it was all about entertaining on a budget.

I used this Ikea kitchen cart and a few other pretties, including DIY coasters, to show you how to do some thrifty entertaining. First, I’ll show you how I styled the cart in my home.–

a budget friendly bar cart

a budget friendly bar cart

Of course you can have the entertainment cutest cart on the block but it’s not going to disguise a growing collection of water stains from the aftermath, so for the craft portion of the event, we made our own patterned coasters. Here’s how–


  • Cork coasters
  • Painters tape
  • Foam brush
  • Craft paintDIY coasters for a budget friendly bar cartDIY coasters for a budget friendly bar cart

Use the painters tape to create geometric lines or shapes, and to tape the coaster down to your work surface so it doesn’t slip around as you paint. Using craft paint and foam brushes, design your coasters by mixing and matching colors, layers, and patterns, letting the colors dry in between coats.

Tip: Always paint thin layers away from the edges of your painter’s tape or stencils if possible to give your design crisper lines by not allowing the paint to bleed underneath.

bar cart and giveaway-31

Don’t forget this week’s DIY event is on Thursday, August 15th at 7pm at the Ikea Houston store! We’re making recycled pendant lights that you definitely don’t want to miss. 




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14 thoughts on “DIY // Entertainment Cart & Coasters

  1. Carrie

    I’ve seen this cart pop up a lot lately, but seriously…This look is to die for. You’ve convinced me that I must have it ;)

    P.S. Love the coasters!

  2. margeaux

    I’ve been wanting to make coasters for a while now. I haven’t because my husband collects coasters from breweries and, eh, uhm… we have them coming out of our ears! Haha. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and make some grown up coasters for the living room though!

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