DIY // Ten genius things to make from copper


Much like the donut has become just as cool as the cupcake, copper is quickly creeping up to be the new gold in town… and I like it. These ten crazy, and I say crazy because of how insanely genius some of them are, copper DIY’s will have you on the decor forefront in no time! Just don’t be mad if the guys in Home Depot happen to look at you funny as you strategically pick out your favorite pieces of copper, all of the cool kids are doing it too.

ten genius DIY projects to make with copper

top photo, from left to right: DIY copper pipe wall sconce by Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles// DIY copper ladder storage by Monster Circus // DIY copper tripod lamp by Sarah M. Dorsey // DIY copper indoor garden by Monster Circus for Electric Trends // DIY copper handled marble tray by Almost Makes Perfect

bottom photo, from left to right: DIY copper sconce by Sugar & Cloth // DIY copper clothing rack by Weekday Carnival // DIY macrame wall hanging by Sarah Sherman Samuel for A Beautiful Mess // DIY mini copper planters by Sugar & Cloth // DIY copper kitchen wall hooks by My Home Design 

ten genius DIY projects to make with copper

A little insider tip: Did you know you can polish copper with ketchup? It’s true! If the smell of that much ketchup doesn’t make you nauseous, you can save yourself a lot of money cleaning up your DIY projects with it instead.

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