Los Angeles to home (and the prettiest gourmet bakery of all time).


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Today I fly back to Houston from a whirlwind week in LA and Palm Springs (which I’ll tell you all about soon!), and I’m so, so excited to see my own bed tonight, you have no idea! It might’ve been the only time the desert has seen flooding in the last year, and we might have accidentally rented a clunker Suzuki rental car and screamed all the way down some of the steep streets in Silverlake, but we had a good time.

It also didn’t hurt that we had the cutest Airbnb of all time in Echo Park and hit up just about every bakery and coffee shop within driving distance. My favorite hands down was Bottega Louie though, I’m ninety-nine percent certain there is not a single prettier bakery in all of the land, and I’m thankful that there isn’t one in Houston or I might be poor, out of shape, and highly caffeinated and I’m really aiming for something a bit better for my auto-biography.

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I thought I should still share a few photos of the goodies I picked up from there yesterday like macarons (in every color, naturally) and the most stunning giant macaron ever, appropriately named Le Grand Macaron. It was filled with raspberries and chocolate and was just big enough to put me in heaven for about an hour. Of course I had to buy enough macarons to fill a box to bring back for Jared, it was just a coincidence that I got to eat some too…

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9 thoughts on “Los Angeles to home (and the prettiest gourmet bakery of all time).

  1. Brittni Mehlhoff (@papernstitch)

    You take the prettiest photos, Ash. I love ’em. AND I will NEVER forget the times we shared in the Suzuki! We should have taken a picture of the two of us next to one of the many dents and scratches on that thing, to remember it by. Ha! Glad we were able to hang out. Hope you had a safe trip home.

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