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A few updates on the scariest thing I’ve ever committed to…


studio updates Sugar & Cloth studio

And by that I mean the new studio. Is it just me, or do other people feel like they’re just winging it most days when it comes to owning your own business? I’m half terrified, half excited at almost any given moment. I shared this photo on the day I put my name on the studio door, and it was such a surreal feeling. I mentioned that if someone would’ve told me three years ago when I was waiting tables at a restaurant that I’d be standing in front of this door three years later, I would’ve never believed them.

A lot of people commented asking what my secret was, but I really don’t have one. It’s crazy how hard work, God’s grace, and a just a dash of faking it until you make it will get you places you thought you could only dream of. That isn’t to say that every day is a dream or that I know just what I’m doing, but I have such a clearer vision now than I ever have…

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Our studio workshop with Laura Hooper Calligraphy!


Sugar & Cloth studio workshop with Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Sugar & Cloth studio workshop with Laura Hooper Calligraphy |

I’ve been just a teeny tiny bit behind on sharing my recent (half-finished) DIY projects after coming back from Tulum and getting everything prettied up for the first Sugar & Cloth studio workshop with Laura Hooper Calligraphy, so bear with me until our regularly scheduled programming! Don’t be too disappointed though, this recap of our first workshop should inspired you just as much.

I’ve decided several things after yesterday. One being that I LOVE styling events, more than teaching them myself probably, and second, there are going to be plenty of Sugar & Cloth workshops coming up in the near future. It’s just too fun not to!

Sugar & Cloth studio workshop with Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Sugar & Cloth studio workshop with Laura Hooper Calligraphy |

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Running away to Tulum!


max wanger print max wanger print max wanger print

Technically I’m not running away yet, but I’l let you know how much I love Tulum first, and then get back with you on that later. This trip will actually mark my first real vacation without my computer being secretly attached to my hip for the first time in at least four years, I feel like such a rebel! If you’ve ever been to Tulum and have recommendations, let me know! I don’t plan on making too many plans though, if you know what I mean.

I’ll of course still have my phone (let’s ween ourselves away from one thing at a time, okay?), so you can follow along on our adventures here.  I’ll still be popping in on the blog here and there to share some things, but I’ll leave you with a few of these Max Wanger prints to swoon over in the meantime.

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Things lately


Sorry for the radio silence lately, my friends, it’s been one of those weeks. You know how sometimes it feels like everything goes wrong all at once and you swear if one more thing happens you might actually completely lose sight at the end of the tunnel? After that is usually when you come to your senses and actually look around long enough to remember you really have nothing to complain about at all in the grand scheme of things… that’s pretty much what i’ve been doing. I’ll spare you the sob stories, but just know I mean well.

In other news, here are a few updates from things as of lately…

stay wild

Finally getting to really shoot some projects at the studio, and as it turns out, I’m really terrible when it comes to trying to take photos of anything outside of my normal, self taught setting of my living room. I guess it’s always a learning process, yeh?

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