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All about the Etsy Pop-Up at West Elm!


Etsy Pop-Up at West Elm hosted by Sugar & Cloth Etsy Pop-Up at West Elm hosted by Sugar & Cloth

photos by Kimberly Chau and Smilebooth

I know I’m a little late on this, but I’m excited to finally share a few details from the Etsy Pop-Up at West Elm Houston that I hosted and curated! Now whether or not walking up to shops you curated and mentioning that you may or may not stalk them on Instagram and possibly walking by the macaron table that Sweet provided one too many times makes you a good hostess or not is still up for debate. Regardless, I was so excited when West Elm asked me to participate! 

I also happened to be able to catch my brother in all of his glory with his very first Smilebooth experience! He’s pretty cute, huh? I’ve been told we look alike..

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Hosting the Etsy Pop-Up at West Elm Houston!



In case you’ve ever wondered if I frantically squeal over pretty things in real life like I do with you here on Sugar & Cloth, this is your chance to see it in person… I’ll be hosting the local Etsy pop-up at West Elm on March 29th! I’ve picked out some of my favorite Houston based shops like Kari Breitigam, HattonHenryTiny Deer Studio and more, plus snacks from Sweet and music by Gracie Chavez. I mean, does it really get any better than a Saturday with a frantic Ashley, a store full of cute things, and a macaron or twelve? I think not!

Be sure to RSVP here on Facebook so we know who to introduce ourselves to! In the meantime, pack your lunch these next few weeks to save some extra pennies, you’ll thank me on March 29th!

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Holiday DIY Ornament Workshop!


monogram ornaments gift tag-132 DIY monogram ornament gift tag

It’s about that time again! I’ll be hosting another free DIY workshop with Langford Market at their new West Ave. location in Houston next sunday December 15th. We’ll be making these gold leaf ornaments I shared a few weeks ago, plus free drinks, sweets, giveaways and more, what’s not to be excited about?!


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DIY // Floral Headpieces


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

As promised, here is the tutorial for the DIY floral headpieces I taught at Texas Antiques week in Round Top! I’m no green thumb or flower genius, so I’m sure there are plenty of tips to make this tutorial a bit better, but it’s simple enough to where anyone can make them.

The most commonly asked question is how long do the flowers last, which depends a lot on the flowers you choose and the weather conditions. If it’s hot and humid out and you choose delicate flowers, it won’t hold up well. The carnations, billy buttons, berries, and baby’s breath that we used held up the entire day in hot Texas weather, which is quite a feat!

diy floral headpieces by Sugar & Cloth


  • Flowers of your choice
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire twig (optional for aesthetics)

diy floral headpieces by Sugar & Cloth

First, make a loop using floral wire that is a tiny bit bigger than where you’d like the headpiece to lay on your head. I think diagonal looks best, but making it a tiny bit bigger will keep it the right size after you start adding flowers which bulk it up.

diy floral headpieces by Sugar & Cloth

diy floral headpieces by Sugar & Cloth Next, use things like wildflowers to start filling in the base, by taking a 1.5inch piece of floral wire and wrapping part of it around the middle of the stem and the remaining strands of wire around the base loop. To attached larger blooms, string floral wire through the back of the bloom’s base and then twist each side of the wire onto the base loop, again. Make sure you use the needle nose pliers to push any ends of the wire that may be poking out. They do not feel good!

diy floral headpieces by Sugar & Cloth

Continue filling up the headpiece with as many blooms as you’d like. If you have lighter hair that the floral wire shows up on, you can use wire twig to wrap around the entire base to add a more rustic look to it.

DIY floral headpieces

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