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DIY // Fruit macarons


DIY fruit macarons | DIY fruit macarons |

Yes, it’s only been five days since I’ve last played with my food. This time I had a little encouragement though after a Friday morning meeting with Bite Macarons here in Houston, when naturally I left with two dozen colorful cookies…

Seeing as how the fruit trend is still going full force and I’m surrounding myself with bad macaron influences, I decided I’d try my hand at a little fruit cookie action to make my college art career worthwhile. Luckily my career there wasn’t super impressive and there’s this magical thing called Amazon Prime that sells pre-made royal icing goodies, so these are sure to be do-able for the masses. With all of this in mind, these DIY fruit macarons are surely destined to reignite the dying fruit basket, or kabob, or cake.. I could go on.

DIY fruit macarons |

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DIY // Gilded gemstone popsicles


gilded gemstone popsicles | gilded gemstone popsicles |

photos by Jared Smith

I realize that technically lemonade and kool-aid popsicles don’t really go along with the ice cream theme we’ve been having this week, but they’re gold and gemstone shaped so I’m going to over look it. I mean, who can really say no to a gilded gemstone popsicle?

Which brings me to next point, I had trouble with deciding whether or not this would be a recipe since it’s edible, or a DIY since it’s kind of crafty. Decisions, you know? I went with DIY, but I’d like to hear your thoughts (I sneakily tagged them in my food category too, though). Maybe a food craft section is in order..

Did I mention these were also ring pop style? Now all I need is my token side bang hair braid that my Mom always made me wear and a good Tamagatchi or twelve and I’ll be back in third grade business my friends!

gilded gemstone popsicles |

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Eats // Marbled strawberry coconut popsicles


marbled strawberry coconut popsicle recipe | marbled strawberry coconut popsicle recipe |

photos and recipe by Nanette of Cultural Chromatics

I recently went to my friend’s city apartment and discovered that he was hiding a glorious, secret garden in his backyard! Not only did he have lemons, apples, rosemary and even sorrel, he had the ripest, juiciest, sweetest strawberries that were just waiting to be picked. He kindly let me “harvest” them and I proudly went home with my fresh, organic strawberries.

Of course, I knew I had to make something as beautiful as the strawberries were, so out came these refreshing strawberry coconut popsicles. I love them because they’re so beautiful, easy to make, and gluten free! 

marbled strawberry coconut popsicle recipe |

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Eats // Homemade chai latte ice cream


homemade chai latte ice cream recipe | homemade chai latte ice cream recipe | I distinctly remembering one of our childhood babysitters forcing us to play outside from morning until lunch time, which thinking back on how hot it is in wide open West Virginia fields in the summer, that was probably borderline child cruelty. Then again our other option was to stay inside with her four inch tall chihuahua that was hateful enough to have made Cruella Deville do all of the running, so we probably just preferred it that way.

Nonetheless, ice cream was always a welcome cool down that I’ve loved for as long as I can remember, and when Wayfair asked for me to recreate a childhood summer memory, it was a no-brainer and this homemade chai latte ice cream recipe is a bit more mature than my once go-to cookies and cream favorite. This time around for the cherry on top, I’ll be giving away a $100 gift card to Wayfair on Instagram today, so keep an eye out! Read More

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