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Eats // S’mores bark


s'mores bark recipe | smores bark-73

I hope everyone had a lovely, long 4th of July weekend! Some of my fondest memories growing up were having 4th of July bonfires and fireworks at my Dad’s house. S’mores were always must, but getting my Dad to let us play with fire once the holiday was over was a different story (parents, ya know?!). Alas, I’ve now spent my adult life on a long journey to continuously revive my inner child through crafts and overly sugary recipes, and now I present to you s’mores bark…

Because we all know the world needs another quick way to make a decent s’more, this recipe includes all of the ingredients you’d normally have to use four hands to finagle into one little piece of bark. All you have to do is add the graham cracker buns on each end a quick sit in the microwave for an impromptu sugar party of your very own (sans the fire). All of you city kids out there can thank me later.

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Eats // Moody cherry tarts


cherry tart recipe | cherry tart recipe |

photos and recipe contributed by Nanette of Cultural Chromatics

There’s nothing like an awful fight with the flu to make a girl realize how glorious food really is. Now I, Nanette, am back to full health, and making up for lost time in many delicious ways.

One thing I really missed eating? Fresh, juicy fruit especially during the heart of summer. This cherry mascarpone fruit tart was the first thing I made after my recovery, and I absolutely adore it. The creamy cheese taste just like ice cream, and the cherry, well, it’s literally the cherry on top! 

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Eats // Donut shaped mini ice cream cakes


donut ice cream cake recipe | donut ice cream cakes-442

There’s entirely too much sugar floating around this blog to not hop on the donut trend at least once this summer. In my true over the top dessert fashion, I’ve concocted a real bathing suit enemy with this donut shaped mini ice cream cake recipe…

And as a self proclaimed long time ice cream cake connoisseur, there of course has to be the oreo crunch layer in the middle or it didn’t happen. I know someone out there can give me a Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake amen!

Of course you can always simplify this and just skip the ice cream and make whatever type of cake you usually enjoy, but what’s the fun in that when it’s 100 degrees outside?…

donut ice cream cakes-302

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Eats // Mango jello bites


mango jello bites | mango jello bites |

photos and recipe contributed by Nanette of Cultural Chromatics

When watermelon and mangoes start showing up in grocery stores, that’s when I know summer has officially arrived. Though summer doesn’t really start until August here in San Francisco, we’re occasionally blasted with sweltering weekends where I’m sitting and sweating in my 4th floor apartment.

It’s times like these when I don’t want to move, eat, or do anything unless it’s cold and easy to eat. Thus, inspiration for these mango jelly bites! It’s also riff off of one of my favorite traditional Chinese desserts, creamy mango pudding, but a little easier to make…

mango jello bites |

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