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Bar Cart Basics


simple spicy paloma recipe #sipsforsummer - Sugar & Cloth

photo by Jared Smith, recipe here

Hey, hey, hey! Lee here, and it’s time to chat about a quintessential element for any one who loves to entertain (hello, upcoming holidays!). The bar cart basics!

I love having people over and entertaining friends and family so as we planned our dining room reno I knew this was a non-negotiable item. But once I started assessing everything we need I found it a bit overwhelming. After some research and discoveries I decided to keep it simple and break it down to the basics. Of course each one has a fun little twist.

So here’s a few recommendations for anyone creating a bar cart at home or looking to revamp their current one!… Read More

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DIY Retro Cake Carrier Idea


DIY retro cake carrier | sugar & cloth DIY retro cake carrier | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I bought this cake carrier literally over a year ago with every intention of giving it a DIY facelift, but I could never quite decide what to do to it until last week. I’m actually super impressed with myself that I could even still find all of the pieces after a studio move and another year’s worth of hoarding other projects, but alas, it has survived and is now a much cuter DIY retro cake carrier then before!

It wasn’t a bad before, but it just wasn’t quite “me”, ya know? So I did some mixing up of the colors and font, and I happen to have discovered a food safe shellac that has COMPLETELY changed my spray painting world forever (I can now spray paint all of the kitchen things)! The best part is you still have plenty of time to whip up one of these cute little carriers before your holiday parties this year, because if you’re anything like me, the delivery has to be as cute as the sweets themselves (#OCD)!…

DIY retro cake carrier | sugar & cloth

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Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza Recipe


sugar cookie fruit pizza recipe - Sugar & Cloth sugar cookie fruit pizza recipe - Sugar & Cloth

photos by Jared Smith

I feel like all of the best hosts I know have a few recipes on hand that everyone always loves and looks forward to. My Grandma has about a million (not exaggerating, though I am her number one fan) token recipes that she knows by heart, but since I’m not quite as skilled in the kitchen as she is, my signature dishes usually consist of far simpler recipes, like a good sugar cookie fruit pizza. Yes, I know, just consider me on the ‘B’ team..

I started making these a few years ago (and even posted this terrible video version!) with cinnamon cream cheese, but have played around with a bunch of different variations before finding the one, and trust me, you can really never go wrong with this recipe, and it just as simple as flavored cream cheese, but so much better! I also feel entitled to say that with declaration on account of the fact that I burn/kill/ruin a lot of dishes that are supposed to be hits, but this one is a 10 every time, so that’s really saying something!

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Sending my love back home on Mother’s Day…


sending love back home for mother's day | sugar & cloth sending love back home for mother's day | sugar & cloth

photos by Jared Smith

Living in Houston has posed multiple challenges for me with life as I used to know it. For instance, learning to live with extreme humidity basically year round (I thought I was bad at styling my hair before, ha!), navigating a thousand different highways to get just about anywhere, and having to miss out on a lot of holidays with the my Mom and Dad back home. The latter of the three breaks my heart all too often, so I’ve gotten super accustomed to finding ways to of sending my love back home, like ProFlowers for Mother’s Day (though my Mom absolutely requires chocolate at every occasion, so I have to add that on too, ha!) and my token Polo hat in the same color every year for my Dad for Father’s Day. Except the time I bought him a microwave, but that’s a story for another time….

My parents separated when I was really young, so I know all about how hard it can be on holidays, especially Mother and Father’s Day, when there isn’t a second parent around to make sure the day is made special when kids are young or to be able to take a break even if just for the day. Knowing all of that, I have a very special place in my heart for single parents, so I decided to give a little extra attention to two single, hard working, and dedicated Moms here in Houston that we know and love by doting on them and their little families with sweets, a photo shoot, and a bouquet that we thought reflected their awesome personalities in honor of Mother’s Day…

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