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DIY Wooden Polaroid Displays (& video tutorial!)


DIY wooden polaroid stands | sugar and cloth DIY wooden polaroid stands | sugar and cloth

photos by Jared Smith, video by Kelly Christine

I love that you all went crazy over last year’s DIY wooden polaroid gift set, but there was just one little thing missing for them: a stand.  We solved that problem by making these DIY wooden polaroid displays that make for the perfect desk additions or home decor trinkets. Even better, you can make the displays in almost no time flat and DIY along to our second ever video tutorial for them too!

The polaroid portion is the same easy steps as last year, which you can find right here. Once you have your wooden frames ready to go, you’re all set for making the displays…


DIY wooden polaroid stands | sugar and cloth

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DIY Sequin Marquee Heart


DIY sequin marquee heart DIY sequin marquee heart

photos by Jared Smith

When I realized how much you all loved my sequin ampersand project, I knew I had to take one for the team and make an even more glamorous version with this DIY sequin marquee heart. Plus I don’t really need that much of a reason to buy a marquee heart in the first place, so the slightest hint of a DIY project on the horizon really sealed the deal for me.

If you’re planning a “Gal”entine’s brunch (or wedding!) anytime soon, you know your name is all over this! In case you’re not a heart gal, you can use this same tutorial for any size or shape marquee light, too. Just promise not to make one for your boyfriend as a Valentine’s gift and then tell him I told you to do it when he drops it like it’s hot….

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DIY santa footprints


DIY santa footprints | DIY santa footprints |

photos by Jared Smith

Not that I’m into deceiving the of the nations or anything, but I figure if we’re going to convince them that Santa is real we might at as go big or go home. Alas, these DIY santa footprints will surely freak them out about the idea of the north pole (especially if your in climates where no snow is in sight).

The good news is eventually they’ll realize so we’re not terrible people after all, and secondly, you can make these footprints in approximately 15 minutes, give or take your perfectionist tendencies…

DIY santa footprints |

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3 Christmas Cocktails and Workshop Recap


serve mini Christmas cocktails serve mini Christmas cocktails

photos by Jared Smith, bottom three by Smilebooth

In case you couldn’t make it to our holiday cocktail and entertaining workshop a few weeks ago here in Houston, fret no more. I’ve got all of the entertaining details, christmas cocktails, and recap photos right here for you, plus, you can even download the printable cocktail menu I used for styling the bar cart!

Alba created the cocktails for the class using some of her favorite holiday go-to’s and a dash of the White Whale cocktail mixes. To bring it all together I styled a bar cart with some of my favorite vintage drink-ware and a few simple touches like the mini cocktail menu and easel so guests knew what they’d be sipping. For a less hands on approach, I recommended that hosts make batches of cocktails in advance with a cute pitcher, or even use mini bottles for guests to grab and go.  serve mini Christmas cocktails

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