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DIY Geometric Coasters


geometric coaster 6   geometric coaster 4

Hello fellow DIY enthusiasts, Teri here! Today’s project is oh so simple but has maximum impact for entertaining or just a casual rendezvous over tea for that matter. These DIY geometric coasters pack a punch and can be used individually or slotted together to create a patterned trivet for serving. It’s basically the cutest (and easiest) puzzle you’ll ever see!

Coasters can be dull but these will add a pop of custom color to your table, and I can vouch that once you’ve made one, it’s absolutely addictive! They also make great gifts for the holiday season too. Why not package up a stack with a matching ribbon and spread some patterned cheer?

geometric coaster 2

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Cheesecake Stuffed Apples Recipe


Caramel-Apple-Cheesecake-Stuffed-Baked-Apples-1 Caramel-Apple-Cheesecake-Stuffed-Baked-Apples-2

Like most people, one of my favorite things about the holiday season is all of the food. In particular, I,Alyssa, am a sucker for a good dessert! The problem is, by the time dessert rolls around, I’ve usually stuffed myself silly and I’m struggling to find room for the 5 varieties of treats ahead of me. Luckily these cheesecake stuffed apples slightly rectify the situation by combining two favorite desserts (cheesecake and baked apples) into one.

I say ‘slightly’ because they’re so good you’ll want to eat more than one, which consequently means you’re stuck in the same dilemma of trying to find enough room. But then again, when dessert is concerned, who doesn’t have enough room?!..


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DIY Recipe Cocktail Napkins


diy-cocktail-napkins cocktail-napkins-greenery

When hosting Holiday gatherings (or any gathering for that matter!), I, Erin, like to have an easy activity on hand as an icebreaker for when guests arrive. This year I’m hosting Christmas and aiming for guests to be able to help themselves to a craft cocktail upon (and maybe learn something new at the same time!). So I created a set of info-graphic Old Fashioned DIY recipe cocktail napkins with the mixology instructions printed right on them! They’ll be perfect to set out with the bar cart party spread.

As the host I especially love this project because guests can spring for a refill as they please. No need for you to play bartender all night– you already have enough on your plate!…

barcart old-fashioned-cocktail-napkins3

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