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Style Diaries // Jordan of Create Like Crazy


style diaries with jordan of create like crazy

In case don’t already follow Create Like Crazy, let me just take a moment to bask in the fact that I get to be the one to introduce you… okay, I’m back. Jordan is not only the talented designer and editor of CLC, but she is seriously one of the sweetest and most encouraging people, and I’m super excited to share her Style Diaries interview with you!
style diaries with jordan of create like crazy

What’s your winter uniform?
It doesn’t get super cold in Florida, so I usually add a scarf, jacket and boots to my usual skinny jeans or dress.
What’s your go-to accessory?
Scarves, for sure. Especially when I’m ready for cold weather style and Florida is cooperating!

style diaries with jordan of create like crazy style diaries with jordan of create like crazy

Your current favorite pattern?
Polka dots! I’m a tad bit obsessed actually. But hey, I couldn’t call myself a real blogger if I didn’t like polka dots, right? ;)

style diaries with jordan of create like crazy

The thing you couldn’t leave the house without…
My planner! It’s shiny, gold, and beautiful. Or my rings. They all have special meaning to me. The gold rings are my dad’s wedding ring ( before he “upgraded” to silver, haha! ) and my sister’s baby ring.
Thank you Jordan for sharing your style secrets in all of their adorable glory, you rock! You can find past Style Diaries interviews, right here.
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Style Diaries // Gaby of The Vault Files


Interviewing Gaby of The Vault Files for the S+C Style Diaries column was a no-brainer. I mean, if you can live on an island in the middle of nowhere (seriously, look here) and have this kind of fashion sense, then you’re a hero in my book. Here are Gaby’s favorites–
Style item you can’t leave the house without?
Definitely sunglasses. I’ve been wearing my Ray-Bans for really long and they really are my go-to sunglasses. Last year I got those tortoise ones which I love, but for some reason I can’t get my Ray-Bans off. I guess you could say that I’m a true Ray-Ban girl ;)
What’s your summer uniform?
During the summer I live in denim cut-offs. I wish I could tell you that I wear lots of skirts and dresses, but the fact is that denim shorts are more my style, plus, they are so easy to wear! A typical summer outfit of mine would be a flowy tank, denim cut-offs, a leopard belt, and a pair of flats (it’s all about comfort!). 
Have a favorite pattern?
I guess I really like stripes (hence the photo), and funny enough, I was wearing a striped tee when I snatched that picture ;) 
What current trend are you obsessing over?
Hmmm, so many! Maybe leather. I don’t own a single leather piece (besides accessories and shoes) so I’m dying to get my hands on something, especially a leather jacket, which I think is a closet must-have and it’s been on my shopping list for so long! Also, I’m lusting over a pair of shorts and leggings like these and these (one can dream right?). But for now I’m quite happy with this leather looking dress I got from my friend Anna. Can’t wait to wear it!
style diaries gaby of the vault files striped sweatersI’m in love with that mint green and gold watch, and stripes, and denim. Basically I’m just in love. Thanks, Gaby! xo –Find more Style Diaries, here.
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Style Diaries // Audrey of This Little Street


style diaries with audrey of this little street

If there are lovely things to be found, you’ll see them on This Little Street. Audrey is the writer and keeper of This Little Street, and also the source of my world traveler envy. I love anyone that will up and move to a new country just for the experience, that’s so astounding to me and I’d love to do that some day (although I get homesick just living in the west, but that’s for another time). Here are some of Audrey’s style bits and pieces–

style diaries with audrey of this little street

vintage lace top What’s your summer uniform?

New York has been crazy hot lately, so I’ve got to keep it light and comfy! Especially since I go to the playground every day with the girls – no mini skirt there! I usually wear fitted shorts, unless it’s cool enough that I can wear my skinny pants. Then a comfy but still fancy-ish top – something that will make me feel feminine and pretty.  Something  lace or some ruffles or a bow maybe. My hat and my ( completely beat-up) leather sandals are also part of the uniform. I like to braid my hair and twist that braid into a bun – it’s so easy and looks a bit more stylish…I wish I knew how (or had the time!) to do fancier hair styles.

What current trend are you obsessing over?

I am totally obsessed with anything coral and peach –  happy summer colors! I think that’s really all I’ve shopped for lately – like this dress for example. Wearing bright colors is a bit new for me, I usually stick with neutral colors in my wardrobe – I know this might be a surprise for all my readers as my blog is rather colorful. I like colors around me rather than on me usually…but maybe times are changing?!

you are not fully dressed until you are wearing a smile

Style item you can’t leave the house without?

I am going to be cheesy here (yep, that’s all me!), but I’ll say a good old smile. I am a total believer that you are not fully dressed until you wear a smile. Cheesiness aside and all, I almost never leave the house without my favorite summer hat… that is, when my 2-year-old daughter doesn’t still it from me! It’s become her favorite hat too….even thought it’s waaaaaay too big for her :)

style diaries with audrey of this little street

Have a favorite pattern?

I usually would have said polka dots (I’m obsessed!), but right now I am really into flowery/Liberty prints! Not necessarily in my clothes, but I love to spice up my outfits with some fun accessories like these flowery sandals) or this backpack – which is perfect when we go have a picnic in the park.  It’s such a great way to add a feminin touch to an outfit.


Audrey, two things: First, I need those leather sandals. Second, we may be long lost hat sisters. Thanks for sharing your Style Diaries! – xo Ash

Want to share your style? Email me! ashley[at]

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Style Diaries // Alison of Hello Lately


style diaries with alison of hello lately

I’m excited to announce Alison as the the very first feature on the new Style Diaries column. Alison is a newlywed living in California who writes the blog Hello Lately, which features everything from DIY’s to heartwarmingly honest thoughts about everyday life. After I read her post One, Two, Three, I was hooked (sometimes I can relate all too well). So, here is a peek into Alison’s style diary–

What’s your summer uniform? 

- I live in Los Angeles and work from home – which is the winning combination for a wardrobe full of laid back clothes (especially in the summertime.) Since the temperature started rising in June, I’ve worn a variation of the same outfit every day: a comfortable pair of shorts (in a good fit,) a loose fitting blouse with some interesting details or a unique pattern, wedges or leather sandals (depending on the activity), bright nail polish, and messy beach hair pinned up with a colorful clip.

style diaries with alison of hello lately

Style item you can’t leave the house without? 

- Probably my Kate Spade bangle. It was a Christmas present from my parents last year and since I got it, there have been few days when I haven’t worn it.  I tend to gravitate towards simple jewelry, so this bracelet fits my style perfectly. And, I love that the little bow on the clasp adds such an unexpected sparkle of whimsy. I think gold goes with everything (even other metals) so I know it’ll match my outfits – no matter what I’m wearing. It’s my go-to grab as I scramble out the door.

style diaries with alison of hello lately

Is there a piece/gift you cherish most? 
- When I got married, my younger brother bought me a beautiful pair of Tiffany&Co. pearl earrings as a wedding gift. (It was my first little blue box!) His thoughtfulness and effort to find the perfect gift made it all the more special. I plan on keeping them (and wearing them) for the rest of my life! 

style diaries with alison of hello lately

What are your go-to shoes or bag?

- I can only pick one!? Hmmm… then I’d have to pick my J.Crew wedges. I splurged on them last summer, but I wear them ALL THE TIME, so I think it was worth it. They’re perfect: neutral enough to match with almost everything, but they have fun details – like the cream colored rope that wraps around the base. And, they’re not too high!  As I get “older,” it’s getting harder and harder to wear high heels! :)

style diaries with alison of hello lately

What current trend are you obsessing over?

- Bright colors! I love that they’re making a comeback. It makes me happy to see so many people embracing hot pink, coral, orange and mint green this summer. And, I can’t seem to get enough of it – on my nails, in my hair, on my legs, you name it. 


Thanks Alison! You’re the cutest! -xoxo Ash

photos provided by Hello Lately for Sugar & Cloth

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