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Giveaway // Win an R. Riveter Bag


R. Riveter, handmade bags by military spouses for the cause R. Riveter, handmade bags by military spouses for the cause   

I have a tendency to be quite the bag hoarder, as does my lovely friend Cara (that graciously let me force modeling upon her super cute four month pregnant self to take photos for this post), so naturally I will always welcome a new one. These bags from R. Riveter are a bit different though, because they support a much better cause then unnecessarily filling my closet even more so I was happy to share…

R. Riveter is a company started by military spouses to provide mobile and flexible income to other military spouses. All of their bags are made using recycled military materials and they maintain the small, handmade quality in all of their pieces. Even if you’re not a crazy bag lady like myself, this is a cause worthy of supporting. For the rest of you who are, you’re in luck because R. Riveter is giving one lucky a reader this Mrs. Bell messenger bag, see the details here!

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DIY // Figurine Trinket Dishes


DIY figurine trinket dishes  DIY figurine trinket dishes

Today’s the last day for this week’s a touch of gold series for Lulu’s Fresh Spaces, and I’m sharing these little DIY figurine trinket dishes! You can customize them however you’d like, big or small, and it only takes a few simple supplies that you might already have laying around (especially if you have little ones!).

Check out the full tutorial here!

DIY figurine trinket dishes

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A day in the life…


A day in the life of Sugar & Cloth - tee by Pickwick and Weller

photos by Kimberly Chau Photography 

I’ve never been a morning person. In fact, I actually got a B instead of an A in my first period English class senior year because I was late so many times. All of this to say that if I can get away with getting dressed as quickly and effortlessly as possible, I will (this may or may not include going out in public with uncombed hair).

This is also another reason why I keep to DIY’s instead of being a fashion blogger, so when Pickwick & Weller asked me to share a peek into my daily routine, it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. We also happen to have a few key things in common like believing in the power of good coffee, an empty notebook, and in looking casual but well tailored. And by well tailored I mean that I hopefully have no coffee stains on my t-shirt that day.

A day in the life of Sugar & Cloth - tee by Pickwick and Weller

A day in the life of Sugar & Cloth - tee by Pickwick and Weller

Contrary to popular belief, Sugar & Cloth isn’t my full-time job. I actually work at Smilebooth here in Houston by day and then double as a self-proclaimed DIY magician by night. Having a blog filled with weekly DIY’s and recipes is an insane amount of work.

I usually spend at least eight hours or more per post, and that adds up pretty quickly when you’re doing that several times a week on top of a day job, which is exactly why I can’t even think of holding conversations before I’ve had my coffee in the mornings (preferably with coffee art hearts). Catalina and Blacksmith are two of my favorite coffee spots in Houston.

A day in the life of Sugar & Cloth

I usually try to get a game plan for my day in the mornings whether that means planning out DIY’s or sourcing materials and replying to emails (which I’m terrible at). I always do better with lists, otherwise I just end up getting super overwhelmed and slightly teary eyed by the end of the week. Evernote and Google calendar are my best friends!

a day in the life of sugar and cloth- tee by pickwick and wellera day in the life of Sugar & Cloth - tee by Pickwich & Weller

In case you’ve ever wondered how a lot of the tutorial photos you’ve seen here on Sugar & Cloth are done, here it is! A simple piece of white board from the Ikea as-is section, a window with lots of natural light, and clothes fit for a lot of crouching down and possible glitter contact. Hence the reason Pickwick & Weller was the perfect fit, not to mention who wouldn’t love t-shirts from a company owned by Ashton Kutcher and named after Charles Dickens’ first novel?

photos by Kimberly Chau Photography | this post is sponsored by Pickwick & Weller


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You’re far, far more beautiful than you think…


I know we’ve been on the topic of Christmas and giving lately, but more importantly are gifts that we can choose to give ourselves everyday, like the gift of self worth. I watched this real beauty sketches video by Dove a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s kind of heart wrenching to think that so many women don’t see what others see in them, but I can’t say that I’m one of the 4% of women that claim to consider themselves beautiful, either…

It’s funny how we can meet new people and find them so captivating and beautiful in their own, imperfect skin yet we still don’t think to give ourselves the same forgiveness. I think for me the hardest thing is to not compare myself when we live in a society that screams all of the wrong definitions of what beauty is. It’s not in how little clothing a woman wears, or if she has the perfect shape or measurements. To me, it’s much more about how she makes others feel about themselves, or how genuine her smile is.

What do you think of this video? What will it take to bring the right mentality back to women, or how to teach young girls to embrace themselves?

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