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DIY // Branch Clothing Rack


DIY branch clothing rack rustic

If you read yesterday’s post, then you caught a glimpse of the branch clothing rack I made. In my book, the branch is way cooler than any clothing I own, not to mention there is almost always a funny story to go along with hunting for pretty branches, although they’re normally not conversation starters if you’re going for witty and sane. Nonetheless, this project is so easy that it makes finding a branch look like rocket science…

DIY branch clothing rack

To make your own, all you’ll need is 40lb. picture wire, a branch, wire cutters, and optionally an “S” hook. Just knot the picture wire onto each end, and then cut them to the desired length. Then knot the ends onto an “S” hook, or tie it directly to your location. Super easy!

DIY branch clothing rack

DIY branch clothing rack

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